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The Newest Innovative Patented Technology


The AIROW 3 purification technology takes an active approach to purify your indoor air quality by eliminating particulate matter, bacteria and viruses for healthier living and working spaces.


you can feel safe knowing that it provides a total environmental protection by using the AIROW 3 Device.


TADIRAN AIROW 3 Produces Hydrogen Peroxide by using a discharge current to convert oxygen and water molecules into hydrogen peroxide without releasing any ions into the air.


We use a hydrogen peroxide technology process to break oxygen molecules into two separate atoms and distribute them throughout the space through your HVAC system.

How It Works

O2 is separated into two O atoms that combine with the H2O molecules in the airflow – transforming it into Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).

The H2O2 is then distributed throughout the conditioned air space with the TADIRAN AIROW 3 device in the air conditioner, cleansing and purifying the air.


Once Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) encounters bacteria, viruses or molds it inactivates and breaks them down into CO2 molecules which fade into the air.


Is It Safe?

A test was performed measuring the accumulation of Hydrogen Peroxide in the air during the operation of the AIROW device.

TADIRAN AIROW meets the Hydrogen Peroxide was found to meet the occupational exposure limit as defined by OSHA (7ppb-15ppb vs. 1ppm)

Watch The TADIRAN AIROW 3 In Action.


Improve Indoor Air Quality Wherever You Are

TADIRAN AIROW 3 Can Be Installed In Most HVAC Systems, Industrial, Commercial or Residential Buildings.

Features & Benefits

Improving Indoor Air Quality Wherever You Are

Ensures Indoor Air Is Clean.

Long Lasting effect 

Safe To Use In Any Space.

Maintenance free

Consume Minimum Power

Ozone Free

Patents & Certificates

TADIRAN AIROW 3 is certified as an ozone-safe device by EU regulators, and with US certification imminent.

TADIRAN AIROW 3 has been granted two patents for its innovative technology

Patent 1:  Air disinfection apparatus and method of use 
Patent 2: Self-cleaning mechanism technology

Both patents have been accepted in the USA, Europe and additional countries around the world!

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