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(HP) Hydrogen Peroxide Technology

Hydrogen peroxide (HP) is a common chemical compound that is often used as an antiseptic, oxidizer, and bleaching agent. Its hemostatic and antimicrobial properties have made it a popular choice for use in surgery an other medical procedures for more than 100 years. Due to its nature as a highly effective nontoxic cleanser that is safe for inhalation at appropriate levels, it can be effectively implemented as an air purification aid. This paper explains the safety and efficacy of hydrogen peroxide as a solution to proactively cleanse air conditioned spaces. The mode of action, test results examining hydrogen peroxide’s ability to neutralize a variety of substances, including bacteria, viruses, and molds, and its long-term effects (e.g., the purification efficacy of hydrogen peroxide when it is not actively distributed in a space via aerosol) are also explored within this paper. Hydrogen peroxide was found to be a safe and effective cleansing agent for use in air purification

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