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Bring PURE AIR indoors & experience Indoor Air Quality 

FIRST EVER 3-in-1 HVAC System 

Heating, Cooling and Humanity Control

The most efficient, easy to install and modern technology in geothermal HVAC systems​.

Control Your System From Anywhere

Control Your CLOUD ENABLED System from:


  • Personal Computer

  • Smart Phone Tablet

  • Custom Controller

Monitor your system from anywhere and KNOW BEFORE IT BREAKS or isn’t working as it should!

Expert Support & Maintenance

Dedicated ONLINE SUPPORT is available for access
to frequently asked questions, support contacts and
easy access to product information.


The system helps to build the community by
providing new employment opportunities, training,
and increasing home values.

Preventative Maintenance Training
Preventative maintenance on the product is a normal
protocol along with continued training as needed.

Old Geothermal Installation

The old way of geothermal installation consisted of DRILLING and/or doing HUGE EXCAVATIONS in order to run loops in the ground. 


The process is often long and drawn out, possibly extending weeks or more.

A Better Installation Process

The NEW BETTER WAY of GEO BALANCE'S installation consists of just 3 pieces of equipment. Dig a single hole, drop in the water tank, and connect pipes directly into the space. NO MORE RUNNING LOOPS! 


The entire process takes 1-2 days on average! 

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Most Reliable System On The Market

GEO BALANCE has 100% REDUNDANCY which means you’ll never be without air conditioning, heating or humidity control.


The System provides more CONTROL, CONSISTENCY, and AUTOMATION compared to traditional HVAC and dehumidifying systems.

Free AC For Life With
Off-grid Solar

One of the HIGHEST ENERGY SAVINGS available in the in the market. 

Because the system is DC powered, it is SELF-SUSTAINABLE as it does not need to run on the grid. The sunlight provides power during the day then batteries take over at night. 

Conventional HVAC = 15-20kw


Geo Balance = 5kw

Sample Energy Usage

This data was taken directly from the user's energy chart. In this chart, there are 4 tons of cooling and one ton of dehumidification simultaneously running. The current outside weather is a hot and clear sunny day. Temperature is 92 degrees with a humidity level of 70%. The inside space maintained a constant 72 degrees and 50% humidity. 

The Savings
4 ton HVAC = 4.5kw 
1 ton Dehumidifier 1.5kw 
Total 6.0kw High Efficient Standard HVAC 2.4kw

GEO BALANCE 3.6kw Savings 

During the sampled process 1 million BTU's were captured and if needed, could heat the space for less energy than a common hair dryer. 

Unit Is VLV & Operates At Only 48 Volts DC

Conventional HVAC Units

208-230 volts 4800-5400 watts

Geo Balance

48 volts DC 1200-1500 watts

Improve Indoor Air Quality Wherever You Are

GEO BALANCE Can Be Installed In Indoor growing facilities Industrial, Commercial or Residential Buildings.


Improving Indoor Air Quality Wherever You Are

Infinite Temperature & Humidity Control

FREE AC for LIFE with off-grid Solar

Unit is VLV & Operates at ONLY 48 VOLTS DC

Simple, COST-EFFECTIVE Installation

Expert Online Support & Cloud Enabled

Provides the CLEANEST INDOOR AIR Possible

Sustainable Source of Fresh, Drinkable Water

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